8 Man English Pale Ale - 24 Cans

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Traditional English Pale Ales are typically low in carbonation and unfiltered, giving the beer a more natural look & taste.

24 Case, 473 mL cans, a healthy 5.8% ABV

Tasting Notes

  • North Down bittering hops and Sazz aroma hops.
  • 25 IBU
  • We start with a good portion of dark UK Crystal Malt combined with the higher concentration of malt to water in our brew. It makes this beer our most expensive to produce, however, this is reflected in its higher alcohol content and rich taste.
  • Pale golden session beer, hops and fruit are evident and are balanced by malt. The lingering taste is bitter and hoppy. A great blend of malt and hop character, and above all, a beer with enormous drinkability!
  • Pairs well with spicy food such as curry. It's also well-accompanied by cheese, meat and shellfish.